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A small coastal town on the west of the Bay of Plenty,  Waihi Beach is New Zealand’s one of the most exquisite places you can visit. This 10 Km long beach leaves everybody mesmerized with its white layer of sand. The place with low footfall remains untouched. It houses several boutiques, cafes and restaurants owned by locals.  If you are looking for some magic on the beach to relax this weekend,  then grab your stuff and hop on a ride to Waihi from Tauranga. Among the greens of the town, you will reach the beach in nearly 40 mins.

The hot sand under your feet with an infinite view of the ocean is what you might be imagining at this point,  but there is a lot more than just seafood and ice creams at Waihi. If finding the best activities and places to eat in Waihi Beach is getting daunting here is all that you can do:

You can start your day with a short drive to Bowentown and Anzac Bay. You can also take a short walk to North Waihi and the secluded coast of Orokawa Bay and inland to William Wright Falls. There you can explore and learn from local boutiques and shops. The culture is vibrant and is reflected in attires and food. Natives believe in keeping the place clean and thus visitors also maintain this during the visit,  so that you get a fresh and relaxing atmosphere away from all sorts of pollution. You can even book your rooms in fully furnished resorts and holiday park accommodations. So you have several camping options, resorts, bed and breakfast options and holiday homes at Orokawa Bay and the coastal plains of Waihi Beach.

The culture, tales and art of Maori
Meeting locals to know their stories and culture is in itself a captivating experience. The incubator creative hub at the historical village has become the beating heart of the place. This place is located under 17th Avenue and is open seven days a week and is filled with mesmerizing art representing the culture.

If you are into the history of Maori,  you need to sneak peek at the monuments at the corner of Dive Crescent and The Strand in central Tauranga. Here you can see seven magnificent poupou, which are carved figures. These statues depict the group of stars known as Matariki. It is a constellation that can be seen in the northeastern sky at the end of May and the start of June. This marks the beginning of the Maori Calendar which is also the time of festivities and abundant harvests.

Sitting with locals is an entertaining and intriguing aspect of the visit where you can listen to folktales of mountain Mauao that today stand at the entrance of Tauranga.  Another place where nature embraces culture is The Elms also known as Te Papa Tauranga- the famous heritage site where you can walk down to see historic spots like Otamataha Pā (Mission Cemetery) and Monmouth Redoubt.

Fun activities at Waihi Beach
Now that you have scoured the culture, it’s time to interact with the fun activities available at the beach. The local tourism authorities have maintained an array of sports from jet skiing to surfing. Among the blues of ocean and sky and the breath-taking backdrop of shores,  you can go for jet skiing, packed water fun, sea biscuit adventures, wakeboarding,  fishing and more. About 10 mins drive from Tauriko you reach the Water Cliffs where you can enjoy and relax in beautifully designed cabins that run on solar panels and rainwater. Living in these cabins is an exclusive experience where you save on resources without compromising on amenities. The added perk is watching the sun rise against the sheer cliffs from the comfort of your bed.

Want to stay close and connected to the land, try Te Ara Tourism, an e-bike, walking and SUP tour service.  It is a cycle track of flat trails of about 19 Km. It is a perceptive rehash of the Maori people.  The route begins from Omokoroa and ends at Wairoa River. In between the track you get to see Ongarahu Pa,  a well-secured historic defensive fortification of New Zealand.

Skydiving at Tauranga is once in a lifetime opportunity,  an intimate experience which allows you to share a plane with your close ones and fly above Coromandel,  Kaimais, and Matakana Island. The drop zone of 9000 ft makes it a must-try activity at Waihi. At Waihi, you can also spend time among the wildlife where get to see the ocean pod full of dolphins,  other marine animals and birds.  Thanks to the divergent zone that it is located near the continental shelf and thus welcomes a bunch of migrating animals. Bay Explorer Service will let you enjoy a 5-hour wildlife and dolphin tour that also includes orcas.

If you wish to maneuver something yourself that is adventurous and loaded with fun, try River bugs and an inflatable raft ride that is easy to handle. It is fun to drift downstream and get dumped in gushes of water. We bet that this is the ultimate thrilling experience you need at Waihi.

Last but not least the food at Waihi is what you need after a tiring day.  The seafood, BBQ and Waihi cuisine will tingle your taste buds bringing a good end to your day. The best places to eat in Waihi Beach include beachfront restaurants and cafes. Need more answers?  Visit Porch Waihi Beach